Saturday, July 11, 2020

Security Surveillance thermal camera rental

CCTV System Rental

Our CCTV Rental service is ideal for temporary security surveillance is required such as Events, Exhibition, Trade show, concerts and short term construction site, (Anything from a week up to 3 months). If you need a temporary CCTV setup for surveillance or to catch a suspect, CCTV rental is the best option for you. CCTV equipment hiring is ideal for short term only.

Events - The demands in event security keep increasing to monitoring the flow of people in and out of professional events. Using high definition CCTV cameras, we can provide you with fine details of any situation. If a crime occurs, action can be taken and you know you are in safe hands.
Building sites - We can install CCTV in building sites to monitor the workforce, and ensure that all health and safety rules are carefully followed.

Benefits of Renting CCTV:

By using our competitive CCTV Rental plans, the cash generated by your business is not locked up in equipment. You only pay a small weekly or monthly fee.
Hassle Free Maintenance, Installation, repair & replacement.
Setting up temporary control rooms, creating a single space to help every agency work together effectively

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