Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Introduce New VR Oculus Rift S PC-Powered VR Gaming Headset Hire/Rental Dubai, UAE with TECHONRENT

Virtual Reality (VR) Headset & Gaming PC / Laptop Hire
Do you want to make your next corporate event successful with virtual reality? Virtual reality is the most popular and future oriented technology today in the market to help businessmen and professional achieve their desired goals.
This unique experience is good to sit well with the customers and companies who want a cool tablet or VR IT equipment. You can entertain your guests and have a great fun time.
you can incorporate VR into your business ultimately and make your next conference, tradeshow and parties special by hiring our latest quality products. 

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Saturday, August 17, 2019

Key Things to Consider When Selecting an Visual Display Screen for Your Next Event, Expo, Tradeshow or Conference

Hire Computer Monitors, TVs & LCD Video Wall, LED Screens, Touch Screens & Vertical Digital Advertising Kiosk (totems)

The LED screens are available in different shapes and sizes. It is critical that you determine the size that best suits your event. For example, if you are participating Exhibition and required display screen for your product or company presentation, recommendation is LED flat screen Tv's either Full HD or 4K UHD display depend on your media content resolution. LED flat screen's can easily mount your booth wall (should be wooden) or come with free standing movable floor stand so it can be placed anywhere inside your booth with perfect visibility for visitors. 

if you are hosting a major event like a wedding and you need LED screens to entertain your guests, then it is recommended to choose LED displays that are big enough so that the guests can get clear viewing even from a far distance.  
Rent LED Flat screen with Floor Stand

Hire TV's & Monitors

Hire the latest Full HD, 4K LED Tv’s and screens for your exhibition, Event, Conference.
We have a large range of TVs ranging from a 32” basic screen to a high end 85" & 95" 4k LED flat screens. We also offer the screens with floor stands, wall mounted or freestanding.
Our service includes Delivery, Set Up And Collection To Your Exhibition Stand For The Duration.

The screens we stock are Full HD LED's 32", 42", 50", 55", 60" & 80" and 55" 4K, 65"4K, 85" 4K.
If you cannot find what you are looking for or would like some more advice on screens for your exhibition please feel free to call us on +971 04 39 36657
Rent 2x2, 3x3, 4x3 PDP Video Wall
We are always in many of the UAE's exhibition centers including, Dubai World Trade Center, Expo Center Sharjah, ADNEC and many more working directly with exhibitors, stand building contractors and exhibition organizers.
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Hire Video Wall
We have a vast range of video walls available for any type of exhibition. We offer a free standing system or a wall mounted system. We work in most exhibition centers across the country and we help our clients achieve the best results whilst keeping it cost-effective.

Hire Touch Screens & Kiosk
Rent Interactive Touch Screen Kioks
Touch screens are the most effective way to get your audience to interact with you or your products, apps and websites. We offer a number of solutions for your exhibition or event, you can have a stand alone multi-touch system or a wall mounted system, vertical or portrait. All of our touch screens are multi-touch and can work with a laptop or media player.


Hire Totems & Digital Signage
Rent Vertical Digital Advertising Kiosk

We offer a range of totems to display your screen for your event. The totems are suited from screen sizes from 42”, 43", 55" & 65". Totems are an excellent addition to finish the look of digital signage at exhibitions, conferences, retail outlets and product launches.





TECHONRENT is a one stop solution for all you audio visual needs at an exhibition, we provide the latest technology including, LCD & LED TV Screens, Video Walls, Touch Screens, Digital advertising signage kiosk, Totem vertical advertising display kiosk, Ipads and IT equipment



Friday, July 26, 2019

Laptop Selection for an Event, Exhibition, Conference or Technical Training

How Much Performance Do You Need?

When looking for a Laptop for an Event, Exhibition, Tradeshow or Corporate meeting or Technical Training always one question come in mind that "how much performance does required" for my uses. Rental price very depend on Laptop specification (performance).

 A many customers request for Intel Corei7 Laptop or MacBook Pro Laptop for simple Microsoft Excel training or PDF Presentation. Economically, such a rent would be total nonsense, because even our basic laptops with a Windows operating system are completely sufficient. Especially since MS Office applications run better on Windows operating systems than with Apple devices. 
we have put together a few applications below and offer the matching rental laptops, which make easy to choose rental laptop performance. 

Word, Excel, text, internet, e-mail etc. - Rent Basic or Standard Laptop
Everything that has to do with text can easily be handled with our basic laptops. Surfing websites, editing texts in Word, editing spreadsheets or even viewing pictures. Even videos can easily be played on the screen of the laptop. 
What you can not do with it: 3D games, video & complex image editing. Create multiple screens, presentations etc. - Rent Professional or Performance Laptop !
Professional Laptop is also recommend if you would like to use the laptops to play multiple screens or projectors with multimedia content or to create a larger PowerPoint presentation with pictures? Then you need a little more power for larger content, so everything runs smoothly.

For Photoshop, Video Editing, 5 Things Simultaneously Rent Workstation Laptop!
Hire Gaming Laptops are even suitable for some 3D games (eg Fortnite), provided you set a medium graphics resolution. Also, our Apple MacBook Pro are located in this category, the newer devices have a little more power, but priced but also higher. 
What You Can not Do With It: Virtual Reality Games, Modern 3D Games, Gaming, Movies Editing. VR Glasses and High Resolution Games - Rent Gaming Laptops !

VR Ready Gaming Laptops are best suited for high-resolution 3D and VR games as well as for editing larger video clips. 

 Find your Suitable Rental Laptop in Dubai, United Arab Emirate.

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Thursday, July 18, 2019


we are proud of! 

Because of our own large In-house stock, we have been able to supply all your IT & Display Equipment products in United Arab Emirates Since 2012.

Our Method:

You need IT or LED Display equipment for temporary use either for an Event, Exhibition, Trade Show, Conference or Corporate Training purpose or Lease Photocopy machine for your office. 
You can rent for as long as you want: from just one day to a whole year. 
You always rent affordably with our reasonable rental price. This makes us the ideal renting partner for companies that want to rent computers, laptops, tablets, server & Workstation Pc, and other IT equipment, LED Tv's, VideoWall,TouchScreen,Digital Signage,Projector,Virtual Reality, Mobile Phone rental and many more equipment, Gadgets in any situation.
Our method is focused on providing you with quality and service. We do everything to help you as best as we can. We are happy to advise you, and will quickly send you a free quotation. If necessary, we can deliver on the very same day. Below you will find the steps we follow for your request. However, we will adjust each request to fit your wishes the best.

Our Work Process:

Step 1: Your request
You request a free quotation on the website or by mail or phone. We analyse your request and contact you to discuss your wishes. We can usually provide you with a free quotation the same day. 
Step 2: Assessment
You assess the quotation. Please contact us if you have any questions. 
Step 3: Confirmation
You agree to the quotation if you are satisfied. We will send you an order confirmation with invoice for the payment.
Step 4: Delivery
We deliver your order one working day earlier so you have time to prepare. We do not charge extra for this. Delivery is possible at almost every location across U.A.E. We deliver, and possibly install, the equipment on the agreed date. We guarantee support.
Step 5: Calling for collection/extension
We will call you one day before the rental period ends. We will ask you if you want to extend the rental period, or want to have it picked up. We will then schedule an appointment to pick up the equipment.
Step 6: Checking rental equipment
After receipt in our warehouse, we check the rented equipment, and you will receive feedback on whether the equipment has been returned fully and in good condition.

Do you want to know more? Feel free to contact us!

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Call us: +971 04 39 366 57  


Saturday, July 6, 2019

TECHONRENT in the Dubai and Abu Dhabi provide a wider range of Apple iPads, Android Tablets and laptops for hire.
The unique point of renting tablets or Laptops from TECHONRENT is that we have a full range of stock available therefore, you never have to wait for an order completing. Simply get a quote from our supporting staff to get a bigger picture of your needs and provide us few hours for deliver process. 
The best thing is that our Inventory helps you to hire as much number of tablets or Laptops as you want to for a particular event.

all of our Tablets (Apple iPad / Samsung Android) and laptops are supplied with leather cases to protect the equipment from damage. Therefore, for conference events or meetings, our clients and company managers trust our services for installation, delivery.

Finally, we also help the clients to install all related applications on the tablet / Laptop to ease your convenience. Our iPad hire devices are wife enabled which support 3G and 4G infrastructure. You can make plans to ensure which iPad suits you the best for your next important event.

iPad Product Hire:
iPad products are most favorable for our global customers who benefit from the cellular and wifi models.
iPad Air is the best suitable for business clients. Moreover, you can hire iPad Pro that provides a unique experience to both business and personal clients; features such as multi-touch and large screen gives brilliant view of content and photos. iPad Pro also comes with high resolution and brightness that lightens up your world.

We also provide Tablet Floor Stand and Countertop Desktop stand on rental. 

Know more about our Tablet Product Range Visit:TABLET RENTAL
Know more about our Tablet Product Range Visit:LAPTOP RENTAL

Energize your Business - Lease Multi-function photocopy machine for your office.

We know that time is money when you are running a business, and production can come to a standstill when your printer is not functioning. 

Think you’re getting a good deal on that low cost new printer? Think again!!!
Lease your next copier or multi-function printer for your SMB in Dubai, Abu Dhabi cities. 
Lease a copier or multifunction printer for small to medium business to leverage the power of state-of-the-art technologies. Approximately 75% of small to medium-sizd businesses who lease office space sign a lease for an office copier or a multi-function printer. 

Save Money:
money saving feature of renting or leasing a photocopier is that of repair and maintenance costs.  These are largely covered when you lease, which can be a substantial saving, as opposed to having to fork out for repairs after the guarantee has expired on a purchased machine.

Quick Support:
Get your copier fixed - fast! Fill in this form to find local engineers.

DATA Security:
Document Security is a growing concern for small, medium and large business alike, and this concern is growing each day. With the Secure MFP, all businesses can have the same peace of mind that their company and customer information is secure.

No need to worry about Ink Consumables, Machine Breakdown, Maintenance, Repair, Replacement.

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Benefits of Buying or Leasing Copiers or Printers from a Trusted & Experienced Company for your Dubai, Abu Dhabi office. 

Friday, July 5, 2019


We TECHONRENT hire & rent LED flat screen, LED Wall, Video Wall, TouchScreen, Digital advertising Kiosk and many more display & IT solutions for an Event, Exhibitions, Conference, Tv & films, Product Launchers, Fashion Shows & Retail Events. 
We proud that 75% of our rental business is coming from our satisfied customers. 

We hire rent TV screens in and around Dubai including Dubai World Trade Center, Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center, Expo Center Sharjah, RAK Exhibition center and many more event, exhibition and conference venues. We stock a large range HD & 4K LED Screens & stands, perfect for use in company events, awards shows & many more events.
On table stands, wheeled trolley stands, or extra high flat base stands, we have 42 inch (107 cm), 50 inch (127 cm), 55 Inch (140 cm), 58 inch (147 cm), 60 inch (152 cm), 70 inch (178 cm) and 75 inch (190 cm) widescreen TV for rent. 4K too. Delivery and setup by technician at a time to suit you. Setup is normally the day before the TV rental begins and collection the day after the TV rental. With a rental TV our wheeled trolley stands and cables are FREE. We also hire simple to use PA equipment with microphones and speakers.

We stock a large range of HD, Full HD & 4K LED Screens, Stands and many more Digital display solutions, perfect for use for Exhibitors and event organizers. 

100% Own Inventory 100% prompt Delivery, Setup & Testing 100% Client satisfactory Job. 

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