Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Requirement of MULTIFUNCTION NETWORK PRINTER on rental basis in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Sharjah emirates

TECHONRENT.UAE help you to choose right Printer / Multi-function photocopier for your Business. before choosing the Printer rental, you must be know about your requirement such as Printer (Print Volume of B/W pages & Color pages) per day, week or monthly basis. Scan facility, Print or scan authentication. numbers of users etc.

Cost effective printer, photocopier, multifunction printer rental leasing company dubai
Know your minimum requirement:

     Printer Should be Multi-function Capable to Print, Scan, Copy A4 and A3 size support

     Auto Duplex function( Automatic Document Feeder and 2 side copying, printing)

     Scan to folder (color scan),scan to email (color scan)

     Multitask operating machine(Copying, scanning, and printing function used at the same time )

     Network based printer (Wi-Fi LAN should be optional

     Print per Day / Month capability 


    Scope of work of supplier: 

    Install all necessary copier machines at location

    Training ,Primary Maintainers & Operations to Authorized person

    Supply all consumable like toner, drum and all parts with machine at free of cost

    Supply of copier machine

    Service support

    To Hire Printer or Color Multi-function photocopier or on short-term or long-term yearly leasing in Dubai, Abu dhabi or Sharjah emirates call us or email us for Quick quote

    Call: +971 04 39366571 

    Email: copier@techonrent.com

    Website: Copier Leasing UAE Click Here


Saturday, November 28, 2020

Outdoor projector for backyard Kids movie night.


Backyard Projector rental dubai by techonrent.com
Everybody likes to be entertained. Why not entertain them with your very own backyard movie night? We provide everything you need to make it a magical night: big screen, projector, speakers… you just provide the movie and the popcorn. Kids love it!

We have screens of all sizes to accommodate almost any crowd 10 peoples or 200.

Our Outdoor screen inventory from 110inch to up-to 300inch bigger, for something that big, you better have a lot of friends!


Set up movie night safely when social distancing.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, we need to think about the safety of ourselves and the crew using the equipment. Disinfecting your equipment has become essential.

Now the safety part. All of our Hardware equipment and components such as Projector, Screen, Speakers and specially Projector remote control are cleaned with alcohol wipes.

Why Beanless bag Chairs (Air Bag) Not a Beanbags.

Yes we understand beanbags are more comfortable but beanless bags are not easily washable and in this pandemic time we are very caution about safety & cleanliness. All Chairs clean with alcohol wipes after use (once return to our store) & sanitized again it delivered to next event venue.

We all are responsible about practicing social distancing while organizing event.

How does it work?

1.      You can call us +971 04 3936657 or email us: info@techonrent.com

you can submit request form from our website with your event date: https://www.techonrent.com/home-projector.html

We provide the projector, speakers and DVD player or Laptop, You pick the movie from your local movie rental place.

Invite your friends, family members, neighbors – it’s party time!

Hope you get to host your own soon. Have fun and be safe!

Let’s get your backyard movie rental started today!


Saturday, July 11, 2020

Security Surveillance thermal camera rental

CCTV System Rental

Our CCTV Rental service is ideal for temporary security surveillance is required such as Events, Exhibition, Trade show, concerts and short term construction site, (Anything from a week up to 3 months). If you need a temporary CCTV setup for surveillance or to catch a suspect, CCTV rental is the best option for you. CCTV equipment hiring is ideal for short term only.

Events - The demands in event security keep increasing to monitoring the flow of people in and out of professional events. Using high definition CCTV cameras, we can provide you with fine details of any situation. If a crime occurs, action can be taken and you know you are in safe hands.
Building sites - We can install CCTV in building sites to monitor the workforce, and ensure that all health and safety rules are carefully followed.

Benefits of Renting CCTV:

By using our competitive CCTV Rental plans, the cash generated by your business is not locked up in equipment. You only pay a small weekly or monthly fee.
Hassle Free Maintenance, Installation, repair & replacement.
Setting up temporary control rooms, creating a single space to help every agency work together effectively

Sunday, July 5, 2020

Are you unhappy with your existing photocopier contract or leasing agreement? We can help!

If you are not satisfied with your existing provider perhaps we can help.

A significant number of our existing clients are incredibly honest & open about their previous suppliers & their comments to us highlight that due to extensive small print, hidden extra costs, un-breakable contract clauses, sub-par equipment and slow or unresponsive service, they were often left feeling disgruntled, hard done by and out of pocket… At TECHONRENT we listened & took heed of these comments subsequently designing our "class customer service" so as to avoid these issues, hence our 95% customer retention rate.

Make a switch to TECHONRENT today notice the difference.

At TECHONRENT we allow you to buy, rent or lease your printers, photocopiers and office equipment with greater confidence, flexibility and we are less expensive than our competitors.

there are many reasons to choose TECHONRENT as a Printer leasing service provider.

Reason 1:
One accounts manage, one contact number, No hassle.
We have separate department of “Photocopier Rental & Leasing business”. Every client have dedicated account manage who can be contacted directly at any time in Business hrs for Quotation request, machine Delivery schedule, Setup, Installation & training schedule, Preventive maintenance, Ink consumable supply, logged Service Complain, Invoice or any account related information, giving the peace of mind that comes only with the best service.
Reason 2:  
All the extras for optimum performance
If we notice that if your office printing volume consumption is high or if office location is far to arrange instant Toner delivery or consumable in that case you have all the 'extras' you will need, like toners and drums, stored away on site with you. e know that 'time is money', and as such, any interruption caused by having to wait because something has run out, or fails, is lost revenue for your business.  By providing these essentials you can rest assured that you won't have to wait for long periods before you can get up and running again. 
Reason 3:
Flexible service agreements
We are so confident about being able to provide you with this 'First Class' service, that we feel little need to tie you into a long term, and ultimately costly, service contract.  We are also not in the business of deceiving people with small print and extra costs.  Many of our competitors will charge their customers a leaving fee, Transportation fees etc. and often not forewarn them about it.  We believe that honesty is always the best policy, and can therefore assure you that this will never happen here at TECHONRENT. 

Please contact us to discuss our service agreements in more detail and find out how we can help you.
Reason 4:
hour response time
Inevitably and despite our faith in all our products, sometimes problems do occur.  Should there be any difficulties, we pledge to have a highly trained, skilled technician with you within 5 hours of placing your call.  These experts have all the knowledge, tools and parts to make repairs fast and efficiently, in one, quick visit. We can also provide preventative maintenance programmers and ongoing staff training, to help you to troubleshoot.
Reason 5:
Total break-fix service solutions
Available for all business equipment from manufactures like Canon and Konica Minolta, for any size business. If you opt to lease a digital photocopier or printer, you can also take advantage of our service inclusive photocopier leasing agreements.  To enable you to discover your true printing costs and printing trends, and to enable you to come to the best possible solution for your business needs.

If you decide to lease the digital photocopier/printers you can also take advantage of our service inclusive photocopier leasing agreements.

  For More information visit: www.techonrent.com 
                         Email us: copier@techonrent.com 
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