Saturday, November 28, 2020

Outdoor projector for backyard Kids movie night.


Backyard Projector rental dubai by
Everybody likes to be entertained. Why not entertain them with your very own backyard movie night? We provide everything you need to make it a magical night: big screen, projector, speakers… you just provide the movie and the popcorn. Kids love it!

We have screens of all sizes to accommodate almost any crowd 10 peoples or 200.

Our Outdoor screen inventory from 110inch to up-to 300inch bigger, for something that big, you better have a lot of friends!


Set up movie night safely when social distancing.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, we need to think about the safety of ourselves and the crew using the equipment. Disinfecting your equipment has become essential.

Now the safety part. All of our Hardware equipment and components such as Projector, Screen, Speakers and specially Projector remote control are cleaned with alcohol wipes.

Why Beanless bag Chairs (Air Bag) Not a Beanbags.

Yes we understand beanbags are more comfortable but beanless bags are not easily washable and in this pandemic time we are very caution about safety & cleanliness. All Chairs clean with alcohol wipes after use (once return to our store) & sanitized again it delivered to next event venue.

We all are responsible about practicing social distancing while organizing event.

How does it work?

1.      You can call us +971 04 3936657 or email us:

you can submit request form from our website with your event date:

We provide the projector, speakers and DVD player or Laptop, You pick the movie from your local movie rental place.

Invite your friends, family members, neighbors – it’s party time!

Hope you get to host your own soon. Have fun and be safe!

Let’s get your backyard movie rental started today!


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