Saturday, July 4, 2020

TV Monitors vs Projector AV Rentals

TV monitors and projectors, are the most common way of expressing your message. Each tool comes with its own strengths and weaknesses depending on the type of event, the size of the crowd, the size of the venue, the lighting, the audio (if any), the content being displayed, and so on.
This is why we encourage you to contact us so that we can help you get the perfect rental AV equipment for your unique situation!

If your event’s venue has low ceilings, high ambient light, or both, then TV monitor rentals are probably the best fit for you. Projector rentals are great for special events like weddings, parties, receptions, movie nights, or business presentations. The projector that we reccomend for you to rent will vary depending on the size of your screen, the ambient light of the venue, and the size of your audience. Our rental projectors range from 3,000 lumens to 12,000 lumens.
All of our TV monitor and projector AV rentals also come with whatever cables and adaptors you need! We can even project the screen from one computer on to multiple screens to make sure your entire audience can see!

TECHONRENT mission is to keep your rental costs low by cutting out the corporate middlemen and letting you deal directly with  local trusted AV rental company to prompt delivery, on-site service support and technical advise to choose right product. 

to hire LED flat screen for your upcoming event, exhibition, trade show in United Arab Emirates.

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