Saturday, August 17, 2019

Key Things to Consider When Selecting an Visual Display Screen for Your Next Event, Expo, Tradeshow or Conference

Hire Computer Monitors, TVs & LCD Video Wall, LED Screens, Touch Screens & Vertical Digital Advertising Kiosk (totems)

The LED screens are available in different shapes and sizes. It is critical that you determine the size that best suits your event. For example, if you are participating Exhibition and required display screen for your product or company presentation, recommendation is LED flat screen Tv's either Full HD or 4K UHD display depend on your media content resolution. LED flat screen's can easily mount your booth wall (should be wooden) or come with free standing movable floor stand so it can be placed anywhere inside your booth with perfect visibility for visitors. 

if you are hosting a major event like a wedding and you need LED screens to entertain your guests, then it is recommended to choose LED displays that are big enough so that the guests can get clear viewing even from a far distance.  
Rent LED Flat screen with Floor Stand

Hire TV's & Monitors

Hire the latest Full HD, 4K LED Tv’s and screens for your exhibition, Event, Conference.
We have a large range of TVs ranging from a 32” basic screen to a high end 85" & 95" 4k LED flat screens. We also offer the screens with floor stands, wall mounted or freestanding.
Our service includes Delivery, Set Up And Collection To Your Exhibition Stand For The Duration.

The screens we stock are Full HD LED's 32", 42", 50", 55", 60" & 80" and 55" 4K, 65"4K, 85" 4K.
If you cannot find what you are looking for or would like some more advice on screens for your exhibition please feel free to call us on +971 04 39 36657
Rent 2x2, 3x3, 4x3 PDP Video Wall
We are always in many of the UAE's exhibition centers including, Dubai World Trade Center, Expo Center Sharjah, ADNEC and many more working directly with exhibitors, stand building contractors and exhibition organizers.
More info Visit: 

Hire Video Wall
We have a vast range of video walls available for any type of exhibition. We offer a free standing system or a wall mounted system. We work in most exhibition centers across the country and we help our clients achieve the best results whilst keeping it cost-effective.

Hire Touch Screens & Kiosk
Rent Interactive Touch Screen Kioks
Touch screens are the most effective way to get your audience to interact with you or your products, apps and websites. We offer a number of solutions for your exhibition or event, you can have a stand alone multi-touch system or a wall mounted system, vertical or portrait. All of our touch screens are multi-touch and can work with a laptop or media player.


Hire Totems & Digital Signage
Rent Vertical Digital Advertising Kiosk

We offer a range of totems to display your screen for your event. The totems are suited from screen sizes from 42”, 43", 55" & 65". Totems are an excellent addition to finish the look of digital signage at exhibitions, conferences, retail outlets and product launches.





TECHONRENT is a one stop solution for all you audio visual needs at an exhibition, we provide the latest technology including, LCD & LED TV Screens, Video Walls, Touch Screens, Digital advertising signage kiosk, Totem vertical advertising display kiosk, Ipads and IT equipment




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