Friday, July 26, 2019

Laptop Selection for an Event, Exhibition, Conference or Technical Training

How Much Performance Do You Need?

When looking for a Laptop for an Event, Exhibition, Tradeshow or Corporate meeting or Technical Training always one question come in mind that "how much performance does required" for my uses. Rental price very depend on Laptop specification (performance).

 A many customers request for Intel Corei7 Laptop or MacBook Pro Laptop for simple Microsoft Excel training or PDF Presentation. Economically, such a rent would be total nonsense, because even our basic laptops with a Windows operating system are completely sufficient. Especially since MS Office applications run better on Windows operating systems than with Apple devices. 
we have put together a few applications below and offer the matching rental laptops, which make easy to choose rental laptop performance. 

Word, Excel, text, internet, e-mail etc. - Rent Basic or Standard Laptop
Everything that has to do with text can easily be handled with our basic laptops. Surfing websites, editing texts in Word, editing spreadsheets or even viewing pictures. Even videos can easily be played on the screen of the laptop. 
What you can not do with it: 3D games, video & complex image editing. Create multiple screens, presentations etc. - Rent Professional or Performance Laptop !
Professional Laptop is also recommend if you would like to use the laptops to play multiple screens or projectors with multimedia content or to create a larger PowerPoint presentation with pictures? Then you need a little more power for larger content, so everything runs smoothly.

For Photoshop, Video Editing, 5 Things Simultaneously Rent Workstation Laptop!
Hire Gaming Laptops are even suitable for some 3D games (eg Fortnite), provided you set a medium graphics resolution. Also, our Apple MacBook Pro are located in this category, the newer devices have a little more power, but priced but also higher. 
What You Can not Do With It: Virtual Reality Games, Modern 3D Games, Gaming, Movies Editing. VR Glasses and High Resolution Games - Rent Gaming Laptops !

VR Ready Gaming Laptops are best suited for high-resolution 3D and VR games as well as for editing larger video clips. 

 Find your Suitable Rental Laptop in Dubai, United Arab Emirate.

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