Saturday, July 1, 2017

How photocopy machine Leasing benefits for Small startup companies?

Most small organizations don’t necessarily have enough budget needed to purchase all IT equipment at the start. This is why renting a copy machine is typically a good option for them. With this, they can boost their income by preventing future machine maintenance while having the newest and hi-tech equipment.

When you lease on rent then you are free from maintenance, toner & consumables burden because these are the services which are taken care by the leasing companies. In this you only have to pay the monthly charges which includes free no of copies every month inclusive in this amount. 

Copy machine Leasing advantages: 

  • Repair & Installation – your leasing contract include repairs, provided that the equipment was not misused. Others include associated repair costs in the rental fee. We offer free delivery, Pickup, Installation & dismantle services across U.A.E.
  • Onsite Service and Maintenance – Leasing Includes routine service and maintenance. TECHONRENT leasing offers comprehensive contract which includes Machine Parts, Repair, Replacement, firmware update etc.
  • Ink consumable – during Leasing contract we supply unlimited ink consumable. machine stationary such as staple, whole punch also included. When you need to replenish copier supplies, just give us a call at +971-04-3936657 or email us at, You can place your order in minutes and be on your way.
  • Copy Quantity – a key consideration in renting copiers is the number of copies they can produce in a given month. Most agreements set a maximum number before charging extra costs.
  • Termination – Minimum Leasing contract duration is 12 Months. at the end of the duration, client can return the machine or renew the contract. 

How Photocopiers are more efficient than desktop printers?

Photocopiers are not just for copying. The modern business photocopiers now have many functions of a computer like faxing, scanning, copying and printing. 
Some advance features such as high speed photocopying, printing, sorting, hole punching and stapling can help to increase the efficiency and productivity of the company. 
Most photocopiers can be set up to entail a user code before they can use the copier. This security feature stops unauthorized usage and allows you to monitor the photocopier activities smoothly. There is also an additional function of photocopiers to hold confidential documents in its memory until you enter the correct code. It ensures the authorized access of any confidential documents.

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