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Cut costs today with a rental printer-copier - 2017

A3 Multi-Function Photocopier- Rental & Hire Costs 2017

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In this article, we will guide you how to rent, lease photocopy machine in the Dubai or Abu Dhabi, while also bearing in mind extra considerations such as account maintenance, toner costs, contract lengths and printing speeds. Think of this guide as a handy online reference for when you are looking to lease an A3 multifunction copier.

Should I buy or taking photocopier on lease?  now i will explain Benefits of hiring an A3 Photocopier. 

When you are buying a copier, a cheap desktop machine might retail for a couple of hundred dirhams - if that - but is only really suitable for home offices or individuals.

More powerful, multifunction photocopiers that can handle huge volumes of jobs each month can start at just under 650.00 AED but can cost in excess of 25000.00 AED for truly top end production models.

If you’ve looked into the cost of purchasing a high-quality A3 colour laser printer, you’ll know that they don’t come cheap, with models retailing at anywhere between 15000.00 AED and 40000.00 AED. This is of course an upfront fee.
However, when leasing an A3 printer, you can negotiate very buget-friendly fees and rates. Add to this a free upgrade to the latest machine when available and you can see that there are immediate cost benefit to hiring rather than buying also hired Photocopy machine includes FREE SERVICE, MAINTENANCE, ONSITE SUPPORT, TRAINING TO STAFF MEMBER, UNLIMITED INK-CONSUMABLE" 

Hiring options

There are many options available with regards to hiring a Multi-Function Photocopier /  printer with specific features. 
Some of the more important to consider include:
  • Colour or monochrome printing
  • The capability of the device to process non-standard paper formats
  • Connectivity capabilities to connect the printer to an office network
  • Variable printing speed
When renting or leasing, it’s also worth finding out what kind of maintenance support is offered by the supplier, as well as the price of toner and ink.

Hire costs

Naturally enough, the cost of hiring a printer depends on the specifications of the machine. The more advanced, powerful or feature rich the copier, the more it will most likely cost.
A3 Photocopier Leasing Starts with only 500.00 AED / Month with Tech On 
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