Monday, May 5, 2014

Looking for Without Web Cam Laptop in UAE..!!!

There are more then 65000 Oilfields are in the World, Most of the World's Largest Oilfields are Located in the Middle East and Operating from United Arab Emirates. 

In that case Oil Filed Security is most Important. Computer
As per local law & Oilfield Company policies bands on laptop with webcam for Oilfield security purpose, Dis-activating the webcam software or cross the lens of webcam is not an option. As long as the now all the New Laptops come along with Webcam. even Police have right to take(rob) your Laptop, Tablet or mobile phones for investigation.

offshore at UAE and as per govt. Rule camera phone & computer not allowed. 

Looking for without camera laptop? is Pioneer in Leasing & Renting IT Equipment in UAE. We Supply Professional Laptop & High Performance Workstation Laptop without webcam for Oil Fields on flexible rental Duration.
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